Our Promise

Our Commitment
Although Easywell's slogan is “Our water purifiers are non-toxic”, its water purification philosophy has adhered to the following nine brand promises since Easywell's establishment in 1986;
asking our work partners not to violate any of them for the sake of their company's interests, ensuring we achieve the brand promise of being non-toxic.


Easywell's Promise is Safe

  1. Spare parts are NSF certified.
  2. Only non-toxic SGS certified plastic materials are used.
  3. No recycled plastic is used.
  4. Only non-toxic jointing agents from the USA are used.
  5. Far-infrared filter materials comply fully with safety regulations.
  6. Company owned laboratory ensures materials used in filter cartridges have no  bacteria or viruses.
  7. Non-toxic cleaning detergents are used during the production process 
  8. Bouffant caps are worn during production to prevent material contamination. 
  9. Non-toxic and mildew proof pallets are used to prevent bacteria, mold, and mosquitoes.