Management Phil.




We respond quickly to customer requirements

Execute the policy that customer is always right. 
Strive to respond customer quickly and to aim increasing customer satisfaction.

1. Achieve the response at same day to customer.
2. Increase the rate of customer satisfaction each year and reach 93% satisfaction


We pursue endless quality enhancement Treat our products as pieces of art and work towards perfection and uniformity.
Strive towards high product and service quality by carrying out Total Quality Management (TQM) system
1. Pursue zero customer complaint.
2. Ensure that all our emplyee have quality consciousness.
3. Quality improvement increases US$12,600 every year.
INNOVATION We are proud of continuous innivation Instill innovations into the business culture.
Insist a good percentage of innovation investment.
Share the fruitful harvest of innovation.
1. Expand 5% of our revenue to the expense of research and development.
2. New products accout for 3.5% of total revenue.
EFFICIENCY We strive for higher efficiency Maintain high efficiency to remain competitive.
Increase every departments work efficiency.
Emphasize our growth to reduce competitor threat.
Every employ must have efficiency consciousness.
1. Every department reaches achievement rate 75% standard is required.
2. Work efficiency exceeds all competitors.