Water Purifier Recommended Purchase Guide


The market for water purification products is varied. In addition to functional differences, the models appearance and their water purification technology also lead to consumers being confused. The most frequently asked questions from consumers are: Firstly, what kind of water purifier do I need for my home? Secondly, aren’t more filters better? Thirdly, can I really drink filtered water? Isn’t boiled water safer? We now want our consumers to ask questions, so we can provide them with immediate answers to assist them with their selection of water purifier (water filter).

If you choose the water purifier based on the 5 key points below you will not waste money.

1. You only need to drink pure water. You don’t need water with“magical effects”,
such as those water purifiers on the market which offer many special features, such as: alkaline water, energy water, far infrared water, activated water, activated cells, enhanced immunity, etc. While these products may add more value, the additional features are usually not worth the price, If there is no specific need, buying a quality Taiwanese made water purifier will meet our daily needs for the drinking of pure water.

2. Select features according to the regional water quality characteristics.
For example: Although Taiwan is a beautiful treasured island which, not only has its own special scenery and cultural style, there are still noticeable differences in the water quality in different areas. In general, the water quality is better in the north than in the because of the high carbon content. Calcium is commonly known as hard water so drinking it means the taste is poor. If you buy a water purifier on the Internet please remember to choose the correct one for your area.
(Click here for more information on water quality throughout Taiwan)

3. Understand the function of the filter. Do not listen to the exaggerated words from companies.
Each of the different materials in the filter has its own importance. For example, the PP filter can remove sediment (including larger sediment) and other impurities from the water.  Hollow fiber membranes can filter out most bacteria, and RO reverse osmosis filters can filter out more small viruses. It is recommended that consumers do their homework by first reading this article: "water filter core comparison function table"

4. With filters having standard specifications the purchase and installation in easy.
Almost every water purifier manufacturer uses a dedicated filter connector for quick and easy installation, to prevent leakage, and which is suitable for people to use on a daily basis without the need to spend a lot of time studying the filter area to replace it.
The benefits of a general specification is that it is easy for Carrefour and other large buyers to buy filters. However, the product may be of poor quality, may have assembly problems, and could leak. We suggest that you only purchase well-known domestic brand.

5. Regular replacement of the filter is better than purchasing a high-priced water purifier.
The purpose of the filter is to filter the harmful substances in the water, which, through long-term use, clog the pores and cause other issues. We often hear from a friend or a consumer who has forgotten to regularly replace the filter because of their busy life and who only does so when the flow of the water is reduced or when the water starts smelling. Many appear shocked when they realise they haven’t changed the filter for over a year. In these situations the residual bacteria in the filter may be far greater than in ordinary water.  The amount of bacteria in high priced, high-standard water products may cause more harm than drinking water directly. You do not want to drink water with bacteria in it. Therefore, water friends, please remember to regularly replace the filter!


Please remember to replace the filter regularly!
Please remember to replace the filter regularly!
Please remember to replace the filter regularly!

Because it is important, so say it three times!

Water filter core comparison function table
Water filter core comparison function table
Note: 『O』Can be Removed ; 『X』Cannot be Removed

Understanding the common two, three, four, five filter water purifiers on the market.

* two-way water purifier

* three-way water purifier

* five way pure water machine

The above shows the most common combinations on the market. However, there many manufacturers have also introduced small water purifier products with a multi-material combination single filter. Make sure you have in-depth understanding of each filter material so you can make the best choice for the most suitable filter for your own water purifier.

Can you really drink purified water?

The problem with drinking water is not how much bacteria is in it but how much chlorine has been added by the Taiwan Water Company to reduce levels of bacteria.  In principle water from the water plant is in line with the standards. However, the pipelines in most areas of Taiwan are old and households use water towers for storage of water. Bacteria breeds in the pipeline and water towers meaning that most of the water cannot be drunk in its raw state. Bacteria consumed through the drinking of raw water can easily lead to diarrhea and sickness.

In addition to bacteria, there is another harmful microbial – virus that is about 20-200nm in size; much smaller than the bacteria, which is 1,000-10,000nm in size. As RO reverse osmosis membrane pore sizes are less than 1nm, viruses and bacteria can be completely blocked so the water is safe to drink.

Taiwanese poison authority Xia Jue Lin has given 10 major pieces of advice regarding food safety, one of which is the suggestion that homes should install a RO reverse osmosis water purifier, to avoid drinking water from water stations.

Choose Counter Top, Under Sink, or Tap Water Filer

Regardless of the form of the water purifier filtering is still a major consideration. The more specialised item is the tap water purifier. Due to its small size the amount of water that can be filtered is less. However, the price is cheap, and it is easy to install, especially for students living away from home or for our single friends to use.

※ The reference value for filter life is based on the amount of water users use at different times.