Choosing the Right Dechorinating Shower Head



1. Dechorinating shower head filter trends
The use of dechlorinating showers in Europe and the United States has become fairly common.


2. Why do I need to use a dechlorinating shower head or filter?
The purity of drinking water can impact our physical health. Using contaminated or unclean bath water can be detrimental to the skin. Why is this? In the process of delivering tap water to our homes water facilities add sodium hypochlorite to the water in order to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses during the transport. This in turn produces chlorine when added to the tap water.


The anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of chorine are well-known, and although it can damage our skin and harm our bodies, the damage is mild and undetectable, and not immediately obvious to us. Over time this can lead to the accelerated aging of skin, dry skin, and in some cases even lesions.


3. How do I choose the right dechlorinating shower head or filter?
Considering the importance of water purity for healthy skin, how do we choose the right shower filter?

1.Installation Location
The above-mentioned model SF-123 dechlorination showerhead can be used in the following applications:
① W
arm and hot water bathroom faucets

② Toilet seat bidets

③ Three-stage shower faucet sets

American style wall-mounted showers

㊁ The handle-type dechlorinating shower head pictured below is most widely used in Taiwanese bathrooms.
     The model is available for DIY installation. Remove the old shower head, and install the new one by turning clockwise.

2.Determining Hot Water Heater Type

It is very important to determine whether the hot water in your bathroom is supplied by an electric or gas hot water heater, including solar models.

If it is a gas hot water heater you must choose a dechlorinating shower filter with a large amount of water discharge. In the video below a conventional shower head is shown on the right. It is not designed to save water, but to supply water from gas hot water heaters in the home and prevent contamination due to the low water pressure.

If you use an electric water heater (including solar water heaters) at home, it is recommended that you purchase a dechlorinating shower filter with the  water-saving function, which can be seen in the video on the left showing the letters “DROP.


3.Water Saving

Water conservation has become a hot topic all around the world. If an electric or solar hot water heater is used in your home it is best to choose a dechlorinating shower filter with a water saving function. With an up to 30% reduction in water use, what is the best way to choose?
① Products are available that have been awarded the Water Saving Badge of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan.
② Select the water outlet size and aperture with specially designed stainless steel water outlet panel with the ratio of 400 pores at 0.3 mm each on a  20 mm wide disk. Not only does this save water but it can also ensure that the water discharge level is appropriate. The better the water discharge the easier it is pressurize the water so that the shower can also be used for a spa massage.


4.Dechlorination Effect

Because dechlorinating shower filters advertise the ability to be able to remove chlorine from water supply, the dechlorinating effect is its primary function. Due to the small space inside a showerhead the size of the filter is limited, making the choice of filter material important. A filter made of calcium sulfite tends to be the ideal choice in such a small space. Japan has been a leader in the manufacturing of calcium sulfite filters and these tend to be the most effective.


5.Water Pressure

Dechlorinating filters are designed with a 20mm-wide disk that has an aperture of approximately 400 evenly distributed holes which are .3mm in diameter. The stainless steel water discharge panel is ideally proportioned to result in higher water pressure and produce the sensation of a nice bath. It can also result in a 30% reduction in water use.




4. Dechlorinating Shower Head and Filter Comparison Table

Below you will find an easy-to-use comparison table for your reference to facilitate the purchase of a dechlorinating showerhead.



Author: Alya Water Purification, Lin Dong-po

November 7, 2020 Reprints welcome but please cite the source.