Saudi Arabia – The market survey report of water purifier


1.Water is more expensive than petroleum
A joke 「Water is more expensive than petroleum」is a real matter in Saudi Arabia. Tap water in Saudi Arabia is purified from sea water, the government takes care of most cost of water supply. One liter of 91 unleaded petrol costs USD $0.2(NT 6.5-) only ,it is really cheaper than water, isn’t it?
Tap water in Saudi Arabia contains much Na ion which is not good for cardiovascular system. That's why Saudi Arabia imports so many RO systems from Taiwan.

2.SASO certificate
In order to achieve the acceptable quality limit and to maintain the health and safety of the consumer,Saudi Government set up standards, terms and technical requirements for appliances,food, and goods including faucet, Sanitaryware ,water purification equipment.It is called SASO. If the products exported to Saudi Arabia are without SASO certificate,Saudi Customs will reject this cargo. Applying SASO certificate costs a lot of time and money which is inconvenient.

3. Water pressure
Water pressure in Riyadh city is 3kg/cm2 which is similar to Taiwan,so every house has a booster pump and a big storage tank at the housetop to store water. 90% of houses in Riyadh are with plastic storage tank made from anti-UV material.
Water pressure in Dammam is 5kg/cm2 ,it’s higher than water pressure in other cities.