Vietnam – The market survey report of water purifier


Vietnam is the most competitive water purifier market in the world.

A. Water purification equipment is a rising star in Vietnam.

Because of the decline of bottled waters, water purification equipments became a rising star in here. This market has a bright future, so many people joined in like a swarm of bees. For example, Tana and SONHA were the manufacturer of roof water tanks, but now they have already entered this market ; even start to assemble simple water filters. Even Picenza, the agent of European and American building materials and kitchen implements, has also entered the industry. These new incomers have well-capitalized and channel. It may be the reason why this market is so competitive.


B. Vietnamese market ecology of water purifier.

According to the information from the local wholesalers, most of importers import parts from Taiwan, and then assemble them in Vietnam. If they buy whole systems from Taiwan, they usually only import them once. Their aim is to get Taiwan certificate of origin, and take it to solicit business and show others their water purifiers and RO water dispensers are all from Taiwan. The reason is local consumers distrust the merchandise which made in China and they are also worried about the quality of products which assembled in Vietnam. That’s why local wholesalers do it.


C. The reasons why water purifiers can be sold well in Vietnam.

1. In Ho Chi Minh City, the water source comes from Saigon River.
The residents who live in here survive on the water of Saigon River. However, nearly a thousand factories discharge their waste water into the river every day. No matter how economical those people are, they will buy a water purifier to filter water and to protect themselves.

The scene that ALYA took water from Saigon River in Ho Chi Minh City.
The tap water quality analysis in Vietnam : 

2. Water pollution and old water pipelines.Vietnamese were afraid to drink local tap water, so most of them bought bottled waters to store in house. However, urbanization has brought great changes to many families. More and more nuclear families live in small apartments with little space. They don’t have any extra places to store bottled waters, so the demand for bottled water is decreasing. Besides, bottled water scandal occurs frequently in Vietnam. It makes consumers doubt of the quality of bottled waters. This is also a reason why water purifiers are so popular here.


D. The RO water systems are the mainstream in Vietnam market.

Kangaroo, Tana, SAWA and SONHA are all local brands in Vietnam. But all of them are mainly selling RO water systems. And traditional ones is about 80%. I was wondering why Vietnamese like to add a stainless steel case outside the traditional water system. Not only does it cost more money, but it also occupies the space. When we asked the local importers, they said Vietnamese think the bigger, the better.

A RO system with a stainless steel case.


E. the most competitive water purifier market in the world.

In Vietnam, selling water purifiers seem like a national activity. It may be more intensive than the convenient stores in Taiwan. I saw nearly 10 shops selling water purifiers around an intersection, and there were even 3 to 5 shops selling the same brand’s product.

F. The future trend of Vietnam’s water purifier market.

In Vietnam, consumers demand for water purification equipment is higher than in China, India, or Indonesia. This market has great potential in the long run. However, only a few families have high-end products at the present stage. If Taiwan’s manufacturers want to develop in here, they need to spend much more time running it.

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Source:Rodger Lin from easywell water system, Inc