Turkey – The market survey report of water purifier


(A) Foreword

Turkey is a Special country although their currency have been depreciation much, but
their Economic growth rate is still rising.
Why, because the people lived here are working hard, most of people wish to make money, especially for water filter industry owners. 

As the water quality in Turkey are not so good with high TDS (total dissolve solid). For Turkey water quality, please refer to : https://goo.gl/1YQfj6

At the beginning, Turkey water filter buyers were imported a lot of  ompleted set of water filter、residential Reverse Osmosis water systems…from Taiwan and Korea…but they found the prices from China are much lower than those countries, of cause they switched orders to China; but very soon late, they returned orders to Taiwan again, as they complained the poor quality from the lower prices country.

Since 10 years ago the water filter market in Turkey were become getting competitive, then Turkey buyers changes to be a manufacturers, like: Fil-tek、Richwater、ESLI、Hazar…, they set up many factories making cartridge 、water pressure tank、filter housing、boost  pump…etc.

These are not good news for Taiwan manufacturers, as Taiwan makers are getting  lost orders from them.


(B) Trend of water filter in Turkey market

In Turkey, the TDS of water quality is from 177-370ppm, please refer to : http://t.cn/R33QGuP
Therefore residential RO water system in this market are much popular here, not only popular in tradition RO systems but also popular in compact RO system.

Now a day, most RO system makers develop completed set of residential compact RO system, but they built-in  one 4 gallons pressure storage tank in the machine case peculiarly, those “compact” RO system looks not compact one but  looks like jumbo.

(C) Special street offers water filter

In Istanbul downtown, many water filter dealers set up a shop selling water filter , RO water system, and related components in the same street, which street name called “karakoy”.
Turkey water filter marketing report


(D) 2017 export total amount of water filters from Taiwan to Turkey

Totally was 6.1%.


(E)Turkey’s import tex for water filters

Completed set machine:1.8%
Filter housing and related parts: 6.5%
Filter cartridge:1.8% 
Carbon filter cartridge:4%
Other filter parts:1.0%-2.5%


The writer: Rodger Lin from easywell water 
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2018 08 31